International 12-foot Dinghy Class Rules 2009 - work in progress
Whilst remaining essentially unchanged, Cockshott's original design has undergone some modifications over the years. Following the loss of 'International' status in 1964 modernisation of the class rules at country level has resulted in differences arising between Dinghies from each of the major national fleets. However there is no evidence to suggest that these differences have resulted in significant performance variations.

Increasing international contacts during the 21st century have led to a desire that these differences be eliminated. The Dutch and Italian Class Associations have set up working parties charged with agreeing a common set of rules for 'classic' wooden boats. The following English translations of the current Dutch and Italian specifications have been produced as part of this project.
Italian Rules 2009 (pdf 2.9 Mb)
  Italian measurement form (pdf 6.1 Kb)
Dutch Rules 2009 (pdf 215 Kb)
Construction plans:
The Italian construction plans (price €100) may be obtained from:
Giorgio Pizzarello, Secretary
Associazione Italiana Classe Dinghy - A.I.C.D.
Piazza del Gesł 46
00186 ROMA
  The Italian Lines Drawings are also available online at: (navigate to Il Dinghy/I disegni)
The Dutch construction plans may be obtained from:
Koninklijk Nederlands Watersport Verbond
International 12-foot Dinghy Class Rules 2009